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Electrostatic Disinfection

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Effective & Long-Lasting Electrostatic Disinfection in Dayton, OH

If you have a business with several employees and customers coming in and out, you may need to invest in your commercial disinfecting. DJ & D Cleaning Services proudly offers professional electrostatic disinfection to help busy organizations like yours stay safe and healthy using innovative disinfecting services to ensure long-lasting results.  

Your Commercial Disinfecting Experts

Did you know electrostatic disinfecting is one of the most effective ways to clean and disinfect your office? Because the spray can access hard-to-reach areas and disinfects as it dries, there’s no need to cut corners. Our communicable disease disinfection service is perfect for assisted living facility disinfecting, stopping germs and viruses from spreading. 

  • Protect your customers and employees from dangerous germs and viruses with our commercial disinfecting solution. Electrostatic disinfection is an effective way to disinfect every inch of your office.
  • Don’t waste time sanitizing your commercial area with cleaning solutions that may not be effective. Our commercial disinfecting professionals will disinfect your entire office in half the time with our state-of-the-art disinfecting services.
  • Keeping your commercial area healthy is more important than ever before. Electrostatic disinfection is your solution for that. It’s perfect for disinfecting assisted living facilities, hotels, apartments, and more.
  • Get in touch to learn more about our communicable disease disinfection service. Our experts will help you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your guests and employees. 

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